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I Love Weekends (Or: Click on this!–and this, and this…) July 19, 2010

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First, I hope you found a gift for Andrew.  Dad said you were looking again yesterday…   Second, I’ll respond directly to your post later this week.  For now, I am going to show you my weekend through a series of links.  Enjoy!

Enjoy the free time while you can, my little Monster!  In just a few weeks, you’re going to have to go to classes, attend meetings for all of the *awesome* clubs you’ll want to join, drink lots of coffee (or, in your case, frappucinos) with new friends and try not to be exhausted with all of the seemingly free time you have in college.  Alas, I started my new job last week and, after completing only two days of full-time employment, I have decided that I love weekends.  Why?  I’m so glad you asked….

Weekends mean carefree fun and relaxation! 

You see, when I was living the freelance lifestyle, my schedule on Saturday might look identical to my schedule on Tuesday.  Client meetings, creative projects and number-crunching could all take place during the weekend.  Without the protection of 9-to-5, I could even be working at 10pm on a Saturday night!  Not anymore, baby sis!  This girl’s got a life now. 🙂

After work on Friday, I headed to yoga–where I did this (Try it! Here’s how!) and this.  Such a fun class!  Afterwards, I met up with my friend Kelly for dinner.  She’s a former Grier-ling, too.  We went to this fantastic burger place that just opened up a few blocks from my apartment.  Unfortunately, I had a turkey burger for lunch that day, so I ate this instead.  I can see your eyes rolling now.  Stop that!

Saturday was all kinds of fun, including bunch at this eclectic little place (they were playing Looney Tunes during our meal!), pool time in Virginia and a party for my friend moving overseas.  Then I had a great conversation with you and wished I was at the party back home.  I hope it went well. 

I skipped ballet on Sunday, but made it to my friend John‘s cookout.  I was feeling motivated, so I decided to walk to his place from my apartment.  Google maps says it’s 4.4 miles away.  It was probably 100-degrees and a million percent humid.  Not very well thought out.  Still, I got in a nice long walk, talked to dad and worked up an appetite for the delish grillmaster stylings of @johnYSchen.

After John’s, a friend and I intended to go see some jazz at a neat little lounge downtown.  There wasn’t a single seat open in the place, so we wandered a bit until I heard Motown music blasting from the roof of a local hotel.  We checked it out, but it was filled with folks who look and act like this. (You really should click on this one.  I mean it.)  We eventually landed here, another local hotel lounge where they had–get this–padded white walls and psychedelic lighting.  It was just too kitschy to leave!  Side note: It’s a sister hotel to the place where we stayed with mom and Hoku when I first moved up here to DC. I wish I had gotten pictures of the characters hanging out in that place.  You would have died laughing.  After a glass or two of wine, it was time to get home, get to bed and start the work week all over again. 

Le sigh.

Love you!


p.s.– Follow Kelly on Twitter.  She’s hysterical.