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more life! July 16, 2010

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Oh!! I forgot to put this in my last post: I got my AP scores! I was kind of nervous to open them  to be honest. I was (sort of) prepared to fail two of my four exams – Latin: Vergil  and Chemistry. I ended up passing all but one 🙂

Art History – 4 (yay!! that made me so happy!  😀 )

English – 4 (yes! now I don’t have to take English in college!! hehe  😀 )

Chemistry – 3 (so glad I passed that one! I honestly didn’t think I really learned much in that class – or at least enough to pass the exam, but I guess I was wrong. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong!  😀 )

Latin – 2 (ya, I kind of saw that coming…. but it’s better than last year… :/  I was not expecting to pass that one at all. I haven’t actually learned any Latin since Sophomore year in Latin 2 and, by the middle of Junior year in AP I had completely forgotten everything I had ever learned in Latin…. oh well. I was planning on taking a language in college anyway. Italian perhaps??)

Well, I think that’s it for now…. If I think of anything else, I’ll post yet again!  🙂


One Response to “more life!”

  1. Keri Kae Says:

    Congrats, sweets! Would you believe I scored lower than you on Latin? Because I did.

    …granted I left early because I had been in a car accident that morning.

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